Our Culture

Theseus is all about community.

At Theseus, we like to keep things simple. Even with a world-class team of targeted oncology pioneers, at our core we are open, honest, and like to have fun. We enjoy what we do and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but what we do take seriously is our common goal: outsmarting cancer resistance.

The patients are the reason we do what we do, and we never forget it.

Fueled by our passion for the cancer community and experience in delivering meaningful therapies, we are building a team that can make our goal a reality and help patients succeed in their journey.

Our Team Mentality

“The Theseus team has a track record of proven success in the meticulous design and development of molecules for the treatment of patients with rare cancer indications.”
Sara Nadworny


“I’m proud to work alongside such talented individuals and to serve the science, cancer, and Cambridge communities. We all share a dedication to the patient and a commitment to succeeding through thick and thin.”
Tim Clackson

President & CEO

“I love to come to work every day with such an experienced, motivated group of individuals that are kind, committed to sharing knowledge, and continue to build on their past successes in drug development.”
Kristine Callahan

VP, Controller

“Helping cancer patients succeed in their journey is top of mind at Theseus. Everyone, in some way, is impacted by cancer and this drives our entire team to build and develop better medicine.”
William Shakespeare

Co-Founder, President Research & Development

“At Theseus open and honest communication binds our team. Our management team makes every effort to listen, connect and keep all team members informed. Everyone has a voice and is a valuable member of the Theseus team.”
Bridget McNamara

Manager, Administrative Operations

Our Values



We work with honesty, openness, and integrity.



We collaborate and thrive together.



We are committed to finding new medicines for patients.



We never give up on our mission.