Our Approach

We are advancing cancer care by developing next-generation therapies to address treatment resistance.

Leveraging our team’s deep expertise in developing targeted cancer therapies, Theseus is addressing the challenge of drug resistance by developing the next generation of pan-variant tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs).

At Theseus, we believe truly transformative, targeted cancer therapeutics must simultaneously inhibit all cancer-causing and resistance mutations. We are focused on outsmarting cancer resistance by developing pan-variant therapies that inhibit cancer cell function and improve potential treatment outcomes.

Our approach has three pillars:

  1. Validated targets with clear unmet medical need. Allows us to minimize the biological and clinical risk associated with the development of our product candidates for well-understood targets where mutations commonly emerge.
  2. Unique drug discovery platform. An iterative process combining a chemical structure distributing multiple molecular touchpoints to optimize “pan-ness” against known mutations with our novel predictive resistance assay (PRA), which can accurately predict clinical outcomes of ours and currently available TKIs against anticipated variants.
  3. Biomarker-guided design. We employ biomarkers early on in clinical development, which allows us to efficiently assess activity against individual mutant variants and accelerate programs accordingly to reach patients quicker.

Cancer-causing and resistance mutations limit the efficacy of existing targeted cancer therapies by rendering tumor cells unresponsive to drugs. Our next-generation, pan-variant TKIs may successfully address the challenge of resistance.