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Theseus Pharmaceuticals™

Theseus Pharmaceuticals is passionately committed to improving the lives of cancer patients by working to outsmart cancer resistance. Many cancers develop mutations that cause resistance to treatment, which limits the efficacy of existing targeted therapies and presents a critical challenge in cancer treatment today.

At Theseus, we are developing pan-variant targeted therapies that address all major drivers of cancer treatment resistance. Led by a team of pioneers in the discovery, development and commercialization of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), we believe these next-generation therapies are the only way to address cancer resistance.

The potential benefit of truly pan-variant inhibitors is two-fold: they effectively inhibit resistance mutations that have emerged on prior therapies, and they may also suppress the initial emergence of mutations when used in earlier lines of therapy.
Existing TKI therapies are limited in their efficacy due to the emergence of treatment-resistance mutations. Using our structure-guided drug design with predictive screening methods, Theseus designs TKIs that target all major cancer-causing and treatment resistance mutations.

With decades of experience developing and commercializing successful targeted cancer therapeutics, our team draws on its deep expertise to drive towards our goal of delivering safe, effective treatments that provide durable responses for people living with cancer.